One of the leading UK utility suppliers was suffering from the classic service problem – when their engineers visited customers on-site, they found it easy to assess the success of their visits. However, when helping customers over the phone, it was far more difficult to make that judgment.

Up until contacting VIRTUATel, quarterly batch surveys were sent out, as well as using outbound calling to a sample of customers and 50 question surveys. This was expensive, and because of the lead times of these surveys, meant that it was difficult to tailor the questions to new initiatives.  As a result, the results couldn’t inform the projects until after those projects were completed.

VIRTUATel implemented an automated outbound survey service, which called customers who had received an Engineer visit, and if they accepted, conducted an automated survey. They were then asked a series of questions about their level of satisfaction.

Poor scores were escalated to further questions and recorded verbatim comments. This allowed the client to fully understand any issues or failures, and these results were fed back in real-time. This extensive reporting, via the VIRTUATel reporting website, immediately alerted the manager for follow-up.


  • Questions can be adapted, or changed altogether, on a practically instant basis. In the extremely competitive utility industry, the ability to track the success of new initiatives is key
  • Significant cost savings thanks to the automation, negating the need for people to send out the surveys or collate the results
  • Real-time alerts allow the client to deal with customer satisfaction at a truly granular level by being notified in real-time of any customer issues
  • Sharing the data in real-time with the agents allows the client to improve their agents’ performance, thanks to verbatim comments. It also highlights the need for further training

The Results

  • Customer comments increased 500% compared to the previous quarterly  survey method
  • Engineers requested that all feedback was reported back to them, not just positive as was the original plan.  This has resulted in an increase in the Net Promoter Score™ by 8 points, hitting an all time high
  • The project has been extended so that the Engineers’ bonus scheme is now linked to the quality of customers’ feedback. This has also proved to be enormously successful