VIRTUATel conduct millions of automated field service surveys every month, immediately following a field staff visit which means unbiased, real-time feedback, proven to drive field based satisfaction levels upwards in only a few weeks.

Obtaining feedback for your remote and home-visiting staff has always been a challenge; Staff “forget” to leave paper surveys, electronic surveys get completed by YOUR staff, not the customer and external agencies usually call far too long after the original event – and take an age to send through results!

Engineer satisfaction surveysUsing our outbound field service surveys via phone, email or SMS, VIRTUATel collect your customer feedback within minutes of a staff visit. Triggered by your staff or automatic delivery of your call details, your customer is invited to give feedback while their opinions are fresh and unbiased. If the customer gives a poor score, we can even ask the caller if they want a call-back and immediately notify the correct people, turning a survey into a customer retention tool as well.

No longer do you have to rely on out-of-date data to make your business decisions, VIRTUATel field service surveys deliver to you feedback that you can believe and act upon with confidence.